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“Birthday Breakfast” – Lauren & Colton’s Proposal Story

Lauren Shero and Colton Mays

Photo by Donnie Worley


Friday morning, September 24, 2010 – MY BIRTHDAY! Still, I was
kinda sad. I would spend my birthday at another Friday night football
game being colorguard sponsor for the San Saba Band. Coton’s brother,
Quaid, also shares a birthday with me, so I knew my boyfriend would
spend the day in Clyde with his brother. The plan was to celebrate
with my family on Saturday, but it wasn’t the same as getting to see
him on my actual birthday. :(

My dad called me at 6:00 AM with his daily wake-up call. My mom
joined him in a parental chorus of Happy Birthday which cheered me up
little bit. Starting to get up and get going, I heard the door bell
ring. All I could think is, “Who in the world would be ringing my door
bell at 6:10 AM!” At the door, to my surprise, stood Colton, all
dressed up in his Sunday best! I was so excited that I was getting to
see him on my birthday! He told me that he came to make me a bday
breakfast and that I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen until he was
done.When I was ready for school, Colton announced that breakfast was

I entered the kitchen which was beautifully decorated with
Christmas lights. The table was set with candles and cookies (which he
made from scratch) and a great breakfast! We ate breakfast, and he
told me that I got to open my birthday present before school. It was
an early start at 7:15 for colorguard practice before the Friday pep
rally. I unwrapped my present which was an ipod touch! It was exactly
what I wanted! Then he said he had something else for me. When I
looked down, he was on one knee, asking me to marry him. I couldn’t
believe it! I was in shock! This was definitely the best birthday
present ever! And of course – I accepted!!!

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